Survival game

This survival team building activity is designed to encourage group members to work together as a team to solve a problem and cooperate effectively.

In the following situation, your “life” and “death” depends upon how well you can prioritize items for survival in a relatively unfamiliar environment.


THE TRIBE: With the help of paintings, fabrics, feathers, and beads the participants will give their team identity.

THE HANGED PATH: When it comes to surviving out there you have to avoid the dangers that lie at ground level. The participants must overcome a hanging path using different techniques.

LAUNCH OF JABALINA: the participants must knock down all the targets, the difficulty is increasing!

LOST IN THE FOREST: relay guidance where the choice of the best strategy will determine the winning team.

WILD FISHING: the game of fishing ducklings … but here there is no stuffed animal! Each duckling gives access to one of the foods that the participants should eat.

TO SHELTER: the teams must build the largest shelter with the help of the supplied material and the means of fortune they imagine.

At the end of the activity, a series of recognition will be assigned according to the different talents of the participants. ( Fun Team Dynamics)

Only with the help of your ingenuity and teamwork will you be able to pass the tests and avoid being hunted. Time is against you!

  • Welcome, briefing, group organization in teams
  • RC insurance
  • All the material for the correct development of this activity
  • Provisions on the long journey to save the climate
  • Professional mountain guide
Not included:
  • Restaurant service
  • Photo and video report
  • Exclusivity of space
  • Participation trophies
  • Transport

Minimum of people: 10

Duration: 2.0 Hours

Languages: ES, CA, EN

Accesibility: No

Localization: Outdoor

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