Pool party

Pool party

A pool party is a fun way to celebrate many special occasions. Planning a pool party can seem like a lot of work, but it can actually be a simple process.

In order to plan a pool party, we will help you to choose the date and the best location, invite guests and create a party atmosphere. Get ready to make a splash with your next pool party!

The most important component of a pool party is having a pool for you and your guests to use.

We prepare some invitations according to the theme of the party and announced to all the guests the DRESS CODE of the party: swimsuit, flip flops, sunglasses, towel, sunscreen … and eager to have fun!

We organize a barbecue with vegetables for everybody! Accompanied by a large table of fresh fruit skewers, and some sweet tooth desserts. Cocktails! Let’s do it!

Consider games and activities for the party. Depending on the type of party and location, you may want to have some games, toys, or activities available to entertain your guests.

Some games include Marco polo, treasure hunt, sharks and minnows, octopus, volleyball, etc.

You could also provide water toys, such as beach balls, pool noodles, floating devices, rings and retrieval objects, water balloons, squirt guns…

Let’s have fun!

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