Batucada workshop

We all need to vibrate, express, enjoy, get excited and amuse ourselves.

Our workshops are dynamic sessions that combine drumming and experiential exercises to grow cooperation and rapport among your team members.

Percussion allows us to demonstrate that being out of our comfort zone we are able to achieve unbelievable results working as a team.

Our Drumming Team Building will deliver:

  • Better communication
  • Stronger teams
  • Collaboration and cooperation
  • Stronger leadership and self-initiative
  • Enhanced energy
  • Barriers between staff can be resolved
  • Productivity increases and profits go up

Of course, it can also be done just for fun!!

  • Briefing
  • Instruments
  • Instructor

Minimum of people: 10

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Languages: ES, CA, EN

Accesibility: Yes

Localization: Indoor / Outdoor

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