Custom room escape

Escape Room is an interactive team building game that can be customised and run anywhere. Solve challenging puzzles to escape the room within 60 minutes. The experience will have an attractive story to immerse the players in a mysterious enviroment.

We create unforgettable adventures only for your employees!

We have come up with creative guidelines and a customized story line. The design and structure are made according to your company’s image and goals. It’s not a linear experience, and so solving a puzzle may require several parts that come together as you progress.

This can be done in different spaces: your offices, hotels, venues, castles…

We can accommodate large groups of up to 200 people so they can play the game simultaneously.

Time is running out!

The game is designed for intense cooperation and working together.

  • Previous motivation
  • Live Game
  • Experience in teams for large groups
  • Support staff before, during and after
  • Diploma of final recognition
  • Resolution time

Minimum of people: 10

Duration: 2.0 Hours

Languages: ES, CA, EN

Accesibility: Yes

Localization: Indoor

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