The vintage wacky races

Ready, Steady… design your dream car in this adrenaline fuelled team building challenge.

Let your team’s personality shine as you not only build the chassis but put all your creative ideas into the bodywork too. Choose striking colours, stickers, spoilers and more.

This is fun with a capital ‘F’.

Everyone will have a key role whether they’re designing, assembling, or painting the bodywork. Time is of the essence, so teamwork is essential, no standing around in the pit stop.

Once your dream machine is roadworthy, you’ll compete against other teams on our custom-made track. A couple of chicanes, a bottleneck and a hairpin bend or two to test out your cars. All pull power too as we’re believes in ‘No Oil’. One elected driver per team and the rest to stabilise and pull the car around at break neck speed!!

They’ll be a place on the podium for the three winning teams, oh! And some bubby too!!

Not included:
  • Awards and presents for (winning) teams
  • Video / photo coverage

Minimum of people: 15

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Languages: ES, EN, CA

Accesibility: Ask

Localization: Outdoor

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