Ginés the gangster - City Escape Game


Today you are playing a City Escape Game specially designed for your group. It’s called Ginés the gangster. It is a game where you will need to collaborate, communicate, and listen carefully to each other. The team with the best teamwork, will win the game.

“Ginés García, better known as “Ginés el Gitano”, was a ruthless gangster. Feared by most but loved as a husband, father and grandfather. He preferred to sit on a bench in the park with an icecold Alhambra beer in his hand watching his children and grandchildren play. However, to the outside world, Ginés was Barcelona’s most feared gangster.

From an early age, Ginés’s had an interest in the underworld. After working as a chimneysweep in his teenage years, he started his own business in trading cars,bicycles, caravans, sunbeds. All this he ran from his home in shantytown La Perona, in the area of Sant Martí. Trading goods was his introduction to the underworld. This was the start of Ginés’s career in the underworld.

Because… The trade was not always clean and more and more dubious transports were organized. Now and then a few extra packages were transported….. To grow his illegal business, het needed money! Ginés came up with the idea of robbing a bank. In 1983, Ginés managed to rob the banco de España on Plaça Catalunya and got away with the gold reserve. Because of his earlier job as a chimney sweep, Ginés knew all the roofs of Barcelona very well. So, he was gone before the police could catch him. This was also a trait of Ginés that the Mossos still resent; he was always just a bit too quick to get away.

They had a hard time catching him. The gold the Mossos never found again. In 1985,Ginés’s drug trade really took off. He ran the biggest drug network of Catalonia.

He was Barcelona’s most feared gangster. Nobody dared to say anything against him. But business couldn’t last forever because the Mossos were hot on his heels and in 1988 he was caught! He got 12 years in prison but was released early due to good behavior. After Ginés got released from prison, no one heard from him ever again! Could he have plunged back into the underworld? … Did he run off? … Or did he retire and spend the rest of his life calmly with his family? …

We don’t know! But we do know, something happened because we received a package with some envelopes and boxes from Ginés! We brought this for you so you can help us find out what happened to Ginés.

Are you ready?

The game is available for 30 up to 100 people.

  • 1-hour escape game
  • Set of high-quality puzzles & challenges for each team
  • Team colours to distinguish the teams
  • Price for the winning team
  • Preparatory site visit
  • Game customized for your specific location
  • Guidance by Game Masters

Minimum of people: 30

Duration: 1.0 Hours

Languages: ES, EN

Accesibility: Ask

Localization: Indoor and outdoor

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