Trencadís Workshop

A short introduction will be given to ‘Trencadis’ (Catalan - ‘to break’) – The mosaic style from the ‘Modernista’ period in Barcelona c.1880 – c.1910 made famous by Gaudi.

Making Trencadis An introduction to the technique and ‘how to’ will explain everything that groups need to know to work on their own and as a team.

Each pair work together to make their section of the design. They also need to work with the other team members to encourage cohesion and working towards an overall design.

The whole team should decide on colours, the size of ceramic tiles used etc. Final pieces are judged based on overall look and cohesion.

Feedback Teams are encouraged to speak about their mosaic, considering individual performance and teamwork and should give feedback on what worked well and how they might have approached things differently.

  • Divide teams
  • Explain task and tutorial
  • Aprons, gloves and tools
  • 30 mins design and sketch
  • 1hr 15 mins mosiac
  • 15 mins grouting and finishing
  • Presentation and group photo
Not included:
  • Space

Minimum of people: 5

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Languages: ES, CA, EN

Accesibility: Yes

Localization: Indoor/Outdoor

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