Hive-mind is a physical play of team work and problem solving in real time. The participants gradually build up complex patterns through focused movement, unpredictability and chance create an environment where participants have no choice but to be constantly aware and in the moment.

The state of mind associated with peak performance, created through a combination of concentration and playfulness, can tackle any number of problems, and once discovered and experienced, can be applied to all areas of life.

We target the specific areas of the brain associated with joy, the feeling of success and connection, so that your creativity is unleashed; we create positive neural-pathways and anchors and teach you how to leverage them, allowing you to even enjoy doing things you don’t like. The obstacles you face along the way become easier to solve, and your energy levels and your capacity for learning increase which allows you to achieve more in less time.

Individuals increase their personal impact, teams develop a hive-mentality. We improve the quality of your company by allowing individuals and teams to switch on FLOW at will.

The training is designed for intense cooperation, creativity and problem solving in real time

  • Previous motivation
  • Live Training
  • Support staff before, during and after
  • We can accommodate large groups of up to 200 people so they can play the game simultaneously.

Minimum of people: 10

Duration: 2.0 Hours

Languages: ES, EN

Accesibility: Yes

Localization: Outdoor/Indoor

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