Lights, camera, action!

Managing each film requires effective teamwork,communication, planning, project management and cooperation to enable the films to be produced to specification.

Within 5 hours, we prepare, dress, shoot, edit and project your film! We turn a film into a fresh and fun experience.

After the screening, we will distribute the Oscar awards. We propose 4 recognitions (individual and collective awards)

  • Best male character
  • Best female character
  • The best group of characters
  • The best movie

There are different styles and movies: Dracula, Robin Hood, The Lost Ark, The Fox, The Swing War, The Lost Treasure.

A team building film is an innovative event that provides an opportunity to deal with new issues in the company through an interesting activity in an unusual context.

  • Props Theatre employees and participants
  • Special Effects Lighting and Equipment
  • Edition of Shooting
  • Pre-production and shooting scripts
  • Staff needed for development and editing
  • Film projection
  • Send video file
  • Oscar winners
  • Silent film
  • Transfer
Not included:
  • Space rental
  • Audiovisual material: projector, portable screen, self-powered subwoofer
  • Makeup workshop
  • Customize the theme of the movie
  • Personalized awards

Minimum of people: 10

Duration: 2.0 Hours

Languages: CA, ES, EN

Accesibility: Yes

Localization: Indoor/Outdoor

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